Firm Overview

Firm Overview

When success in litigation is the only option, clients turn to Keller Rackauckas Umberg Zipser LLP.  KRUZ provides its clients with top legal representation without the bureaucracy and multiple attorney layers of a large law firm.

KRUZ has three partners with over 300 jury trials among them—unusual for a law firm of any size.   Our impressive connections within the legal community, forged through decades of service to the bar, charitable organizations and all levels of government, allow us access to key decision-makers in a position to hear our arguments and act on them.   Our peers and the legal community continue to recognize our accomplishments:  We have multiple awards across a variety of organizations and publications.


We are bet-the-company business trial lawyers with a record second to none, and local, statewide and national recognition of our success.  KRUZ attorneys have won over $680 million in judgments in just the last three years, and successfully defended many other clients.  Our superior trial records coupled with winning pretrial strategies and motions mean we often achieve superb results without a trial.  But when a trial is needed, we have the experience and skill to win it.

Our litigation capabilities are unmatched.  Our attorneys are formidable thinkers whose pretrial litigation establishes the foundation for successful high-stakes outcomes.  Our clients know we deliver the highest quality work product, and our opponents know we are prepared to win before a jury.  This facilitates dismissals, favorable pre-trial rulings and settlements, and keeps cases from being filed against our clients in the first place.

At KRUZ, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle a wide variety of matters for a diverse client base.  We are comfortable representing an individual or business entity with a huge, complex case that may go to trial, but are equally adept at handling more limited and specialized matters where surgical precision and efficiency are required.

Clients hire us for high-stakes, high-profile civil litigation in state and federal court, and for white collar criminal cases where their lives are in the balance.  We handle a range of business cases including class actions, bad faith, intellectual property and white collar criminal defense.


Our clients’ objectives and best interests drive us and how we manage our cases.  Our flexible fee approach is tailored to each situation.  When they hire our team, clients get the same lawyers and the same personal attention from start to finish.  We pride ourselves on our responsiveness: clients know we keep them in the loop.

The lawyers at KRUZ are skilled, honest, ethical attorneys who take seriously being “counselors at law.”  Whether fighting to keep a case from being filed, pursuing someone who has wronged a client, negotiating a favorable settlement or earning a dismissal with targeted pretrial motions, our attorneys always have the clients’ interests at heart. We are consistently honorable and professional.  We fight hard but fair.

Each client’s needs are different.  In contrast to the larger firms, we offer flexible billing arrangements that promote efficiency and predictability.  Depending on the case we will consider alternatives such as contingency, flat fee, and hybrid arrangements (part contingency, part discounted hourly rates).


One of our key strengths is the diverse background of our lawyers, who come from small/local to large international firms.  We include a former assistant U.S. attorney, a deputy district attorney, a deputy public defender, an elected and appointed national and state government official, and two managing partners of major law firms’ Orange County offices.  The four name partners alone bring to the firm over 120 years of experience.

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